Gene Summary for NIH-1304
Functional Category: signal transduction-receptor
Cell Location: membrane associated - extracellular
OST #: 188035
Mouse Nucleotide Accession #: NM_177708
Human Nucleotide Accession #: NM_178568

The gene of interest is mouse Rtn4rl1 (reticulon 4 receptor-like 1), ortholog of human RTN4RL1. Aliases include NgR3, NGRH2, DKFZp547J144, and Ngrl2.

Phenotypic Summary for NIH-1304
Microscopic analysis revealed a fatty change in the liver in both the male and female homozygous mutant mouse examined. A bile duct lesion was also noted in the female mutant, whereas enlarged cytoplasmic vacuoles and nuclei were noted in the centrilobular hepatocytes of the male mutant. RT-PCR analysis revealed that the transcript was absent in the homozygous mutant mice.

Mouse Gene Sequence Information
Nucleotide Reference: NM_177708 ACCESSION:NM_177708 NID: gi 32129298 ref NM_177708.3 Mus musculus reticulon 4 receptor-like 1 (Rtn4rl1), mRNA
Protein Reference: Q8K0S5 ACCESSION:Q8K0S5 NID: Mus musculus (Mouse). Reticulon 4 receptor-like 1 (Mus musculus 15 days embryo male testis cDNA, RIKEN full-length enriched library, clone:8030486G21 product:hypothetical Leucine-rich repeat containing protein, full insert sequence) (Nogo receptor-like 2) (Nogo-66 receptor-related protein 3). MOUSESPTRNRDB
Entrez Gene: 237847

Human Gene Sequence Information
Nucleotide Reference: NM_178568 ACCESSION:NM_178568 NID: gi 57242762 ref NM_178568.2 Homo sapiens reticulon 4 receptor-like 1 (RTN4RL1), mRNA
Protein Reference: Q86UN2 ACCESSION:Q86UN2 NID: Homo sapiens (Human). Nogo-66 receptor homolog-2 (Nogo-66 receptor-related protein 3) (Nogo receptor-like 2). HUMANSPTRNRDB
Entrez Gene: 146760

Mutation Information
Mutation Type: Retroviral Insertion (OST)
Description: The gene consists of 2 exons, with the start codon located in exon 1 (NCBI accession BC030471). Retroviral insertion occurred in the intron between exons 1 and 2.

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