Test Description: The anticoagulated whole blood specimen is either manually (Hgb%) or automatically (A1c%) hemolyzed. The released hemoglobin is determined on the Cobas Integra 400 in the hemolysate. HgbA1c is then measured using monoclonal antibodies attached to latex particles. The final result is expressed as either percent HgbA1c (automatic hemolysis) or percent Hgb (manual hemolysis) and is a calculated value.


  HgbA1C data for Project: NIH-1289 - Results        Export Data to Spreadsheet
Mouse Label Genotype Age (days) Hb Ratio A1C
M-72 hom 107 5.0
M-80 hom 107 5.1
M-83 hom 107 5.4
F-95 hom 106 4.7
F-97 hom 106 4.7
F-102 hom 106 4.5
M-106 hom 106 4.7
F-120 hom 106 4.8
M-74 wt 107 4.8
M-76 wt 107 5.6
F-93 wt 106 4.6
F-103 wt 106 4.6

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