Gene Summary for NIH-0769
Functional Category: defense/immunity protein
Cell Location: extracellular
OST #:
Mouse Nucleotide Accession #: NM_031252
Human Nucleotide Accession #: NM_016584

The targeted mouse gene is Il23a (interleukin 23, alpha subunit p19), ortholog of human IL23A. Aliases include P19, SGRF, IL-23, IL-23A, IL23P19, interleukin 23 p19 subunit, and JKA3 induced upon T-cell activation.

Phenotypic Summary for NIH-0769
No Notable Phenotype

Mouse Gene Sequence Information
Nucleotide Reference: NM_031252 ACCESSION:NM_031252 NID:na Mus musculus Mus musculus interleukin 23, alpha subunit p19 (Il23a), mRNA. mouse_refseq
Protein Reference: Q9EQ14 Q9EQ14 Q9EQ14 INTERLEUKIN 23 P19 SUBUNIT
Entrez Gene: 83430

Human Gene Sequence Information
Nucleotide Reference: NM_016584 ACCESSION:NM_016584 NID:na Homo sapiens Homo sapiens SGRF protein, Interleukin 23 p19 subunit (SGRF), mRNA. hs_refseq
Protein Reference: Q9H2A5 Q9H2A5 Q9H2A5 INTERLEUKIN 23 P19 SUBUNIT
Entrez Gene: 51561

Mutation Information
Mutation Type: Homologous Recombination (standard)
Description: Coding exon 1 was targeted by homologous recombination (Accession: NM_031252).

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