Test Description: (SIH) is a measurement of autonomic hyperactivity induced by anxiety-provoking stimuli. The method involves taking two rectal body temperature measurements 10 minutes apart. SIH is determined by subtracting the basal body temperature (T1) from the stress-enhanced temperature (T2). The difference in delta values (T2 - T1 = deltaT) indicates the severity of autonomic hyperactivity or SIH. The rise in body temperature associated with SIH is a sign of anticipatory anxiety to the second rectal body temperature measurement. Lower deltaT values suggest decreased anxiety-like responses.


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Mouse Label Genotype Age (days) Stress Temperature Basal Temperature
M-161 hom 67 35.7 34.2
M-167 hom 67 36.0 34.7
M-173 hom 67 36.0 34.8
M-182 hom 67 36.2 34.6
M-165 wt 67 36.1 34.9
M-179 wt 67 35.7 34.4
M-203 wt 66 36.2 34.7
M-231 wt 65 36.2 34.6

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