Test Description: The skin fibroblast proliferation assay uses the increase in the number of cells in a standardized culture as a measure of relative proliferative capacity. Primary fibroblast are established from skin biopsies taken from wild type and mutant mice. Duplicate or triplicate cultures of 0.05 million cells are plated and allow to grow for six days. At the end of the culture period, the number of cells present in the culture is determined using a electronic particle counter.


  Skin Fibroblast Proliferation Data for Project: NIH-0617 - Results        Export Data to Spreadsheet
Mouse Label Genotype Age (days) Well 1 Well 2 Well 3
F-91 hom 135 101518.0 108178.0 101032.0
F-99 hom 129 86588.0 83440.0 79658.0
F-82 wt 136 97334.0 97788.0 94800.0

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