Test Description: The artery to vein ratio (A/V) is the ratio of the artery diameter to the vein diameter (measured before the bifurcation of the vessels). The A/V ratio is measured and calculated according to the fundus images with Kowa COMIT+ software. Many diseases will influence the ratio, i.e., diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, papilledema, optic atrophy.

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Mouse Label Genotype Age (days) Comments Image Thumbnail Title Eye Ratio
M-38 het 110 View Right 0.378
M-45 het 110 View Right 0.425
M-46 het 110 View Right 0.447
F-48 het 110 View Right 0.347
F-50 het 110 View Right 0.489
M-55 het 110 View Right 0.467
F-49 hom 110 View Right 0.357
F-84 hom 107 View Right 0.453
F-88 hom 106 View Right 0.457
F-91 hom 106 View Right 0.403
M-94 hom 100 View Right 0.431
M-95 hom 100 View Right 0.358
F-99 hom 100 View Right 0.366
M-39 wt 110 View Right 0.463
F-51 wt 110 View Right 0.507
F-82 wt 107 View Right 0.395
M-96 wt 100 View Right 0.443

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