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Gene Expression Image Detail
J:181271 Westmoreland JJ, et al., Dev Dyn. 2012 Mar;241(3):583-94
Caption A-C: Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) analysis with pancreata dissected at embryonic days (E) 11.5 (A) and E15.5 (B), and postnatal (P) 7 (C).
This image is from Westmoreland JJ, Dev Dyn 2012 Mar;241(3):583-94 and is displayed with the permission of Wiley-Blackwell, who owns the Copyright.
Label Assay & Result Details (Gene Symbol) Spatial Mapping
A claudin 1 MGI:6324587 (Cldn1)
A claudin 2 MGI:6324588 (Cldn2)
A claudin 3 MGI:6324589 (Cldn3)
A claudin 4 MGI:6324590 (Cldn4)
A claudin 5 MGI:6324591 (Cldn5)
A claudin 6 MGI:6324592 (Cldn6)
A claudin 7 MGI:6324593 (Cldn7)
A claudin 8 MGI:6324594 (Cldn8)
A claudin 9 MGI:6324595 (Cldn9)
A claudin 10 MGI:6324596 (Cldn10)
A claudin 11 MGI:6324597 (Cldn11)
A claudin 12 MGI:6324598 (Cldn12)
A claudin 13 MGI:6324599 (Cldn13)
A claudin 14 MGI:6324600 (Cldn14)
A claudin 15 MGI:6324601 (Cldn15)
A claudin 16 MGI:6324602 (Cldn16)
A claudin 17 MGI:6324603 (Cldn17)
A claudin 18 MGI:6324604 (Cldn18)
A claudin 19 MGI:6324605 (Cldn19)
A claudin 20 MGI:6324606 (Cldn20)
A claudin 22 MGI:6324607 (Cldn22)
A claudin 23 MGI:6324608 (Cldn23)
A claudin 24 MGI:6324609 (Cldn24)
B claudin 1 MGI:6324619 (Cldn1)
B claudin 2 MGI:6324620 (Cldn2)
B claudin 3 MGI:6324621 (Cldn3)
B claudin 4 MGI:6324622 (Cldn4)
B claudin 5 MGI:6324624 (Cldn5)
B claudin 6 MGI:6324627 (Cldn6)
B claudin 7 MGI:6324628 (Cldn7)
B claudin 8 MGI:6324629 (Cldn8)
B claudin 9 MGI:6324630 (Cldn9)
B claudin 10 MGI:6324631 (Cldn10)
B claudin 11 MGI:6324632 (Cldn11)
B claudin 12 MGI:6324633 (Cldn12)
B claudin 13 MGI:6324634 (Cldn13)
B claudin 14 MGI:6324635 (Cldn14)
B claudin 15 MGI:6324636 (Cldn15)
B claudin 16 MGI:6324637 (Cldn16)
B claudin 17 MGI:6324638 (Cldn17)
B claudin 18 MGI:6324639 (Cldn18)
B claudin 19 MGI:6324641 (Cldn19)
B claudin 20 MGI:6324645 (Cldn20)
B claudin 22 MGI:6324647 (Cldn22)
B claudin 23 MGI:6324649 (Cldn23)
B claudin 24 MGI:6324650 (Cldn24)
C claudin 1 MGI:6343048 (Cldn1)
C claudin 2 MGI:6343049 (Cldn2)
C claudin 3 MGI:6343050 (Cldn3)
C claudin 4 MGI:6343051 (Cldn4)
C claudin 5 MGI:6343052 (Cldn5)
C claudin 6 MGI:6343053 (Cldn6)
C claudin 7 MGI:6343054 (Cldn7)
C claudin 8 MGI:6343055 (Cldn8)
C claudin 9 MGI:6343056 (Cldn9)
C claudin 10 MGI:6343057 (Cldn10)
C claudin 11 MGI:6343058 (Cldn11)
C claudin 12 MGI:6343059 (Cldn12)
C claudin 13 MGI:6343060 (Cldn13)
C claudin 14 MGI:6343061 (Cldn14)
C claudin 15 MGI:6343062 (Cldn15)
C claudin 16 MGI:6343207 (Cldn16)
C claudin 17 MGI:6343064 (Cldn17)
C claudin 18 MGI:6343065 (Cldn18)
C claudin 19 MGI:6343066 (Cldn19)
C claudin 20 MGI:6343067 (Cldn20)
C claudin 22 MGI:6343068 (Cldn22)
C claudin 23 MGI:6343069 (Cldn23)
C claudin 24 MGI:6343070 (Cldn24)

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