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Gene Expression Image Detail
J:119482 Ohuchi H, et al., Dev Dyn. 2007 Mar 15;236(4):1134-1143
Caption Mouse embryos just after turning (at E8.5-8.75) (A-B'), at E8.75-9.0 (C-E), E9.0-9.25 (F,G), E9.5 (H,I), E10.5 (J-O), E11.5 (P), E12.5 (Q,R), and E13.5 (S-Z'). Red arrowheads in the panels indicate the midbrain-hindbrain boundary (MHB). The arrows in B-E indicate the forebrain-midbrain boundary (closure 2). A: Lateral view of the mouse embryo. A': Dorsal view of the same embryo in A. Anterior is to the top. B-D: Two-color or single-color (see B',C' for comparison) in situ hybridization. B-C',D: Dorsal views. Lateral view of the same embryo in C is shown in C". E: One-color two-gene in situ hybridization. Dorsal view. G: The black arrowhead indicates the diencephalon-midbrain boundary. H,I: Lateral (H) and dorsal (I) views. Nasal processes (na), otic vesicle (ov). J: Hindbrain (hb), neural tube (nt), branchial arches (ba). J',J": Cross-sections of the neural tube (J') and a branchial arch (J') after whole-mount in situ hybridization, counterstained with nuclear Fast Red. K: Frontal view of an embryo. K': Cross-section of the forelimb bud; mesenchyme (arrowheads). Dorsal is up. L: Dorsal view of the same embryo in K. M-O: Cross-sections of the rhombic lip after whole-mount in situ hybridization, counterstained with nuclear Fast Red. Upper rhombic lip (url), roof plate (rp), lower rhombic lip (lrl). P: Maxillary process (mx); branchial regions (inset). Q,R: Whole-mount in situ hybridization of the midsagittally-sliced embryo. Seen from outside (Q) and inside (R). Q: Ear (ea), eyelid canthus (el), vibrissae (vi); mammary glands (yellow arrowheads). R: Choroid plexus (ch), vertebra (ve), genital tubercle (gt). S-Z': In situ hybridization of oblique parasagittal section counterstained with nuclear Fast Red. Upper eyelid mesenchyme (inset). T: Fourth ventricle (IV). Higher magnification of (S) is shown in U-X. Pons (po). Y-Z': In situ hybridization of parasagittal sections. Cochlea (co) (Y), thymus (th) (Y'). ey, eye; fl, forelimb bud; gt, genital tubercle; h, heart; hb, hindbrain; hl, hindlimb bud; is, isthmus; lp, lateral nasal process; lrl, lower rhombic lip; mb, midbrain; mn, mandibular arch; mo, medulla oblongata; mp, medial nasal process; np, nasal pit; ov, otic vesicle; ph, pharynx; rp, roof plate; te, telencephalon; to, tongue; url, upper rhombic lip.
This image is from Ohuchi H, Dev Dyn 2007 Mar 15;236(4):1134-1143 and is displayed with the permission of Wiley-Blackwell, who owns the Copyright.
Label Assay & Result Details (Gene Symbol) Spatial Mapping
A MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
A' MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
B MGI:5558035 (Enpp2) MGI:5558114 (Wnt1)
B' MGI:5559034 (Wnt1)
C MGI:5558035 (Enpp2) MGI:5558115 (Gbx2)
C' MGI:5559036 (Gbx2)
C" MGI:5558035 (Enpp2) MGI:5558115 (Gbx2)
D MGI:5558035 (Enpp2) MGI:5559021 (Pax2)
E MGI:5558035 (Enpp2) MGI:5559023 (Fgf8)
F MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
G Pax2 MGI:5559043 (Pax2)
G Otx1 MGI:5559033 (Otx1)
H MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
I MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
J MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
J' MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
J" MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
K MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
K' MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
L MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
M MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
N MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
O MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
P MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
P inset MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
Q MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
R MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
S MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
S inset MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
T MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
U MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
V MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
W MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
X MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
Y MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
Y' MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
Z MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)
Z' MGI:5558035 (Enpp2)

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