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Gene Expression Image Detail
J:146657 Witte F, et al., Gene Expr Patterns. 2009 Apr;9(4):215-23
Caption Vibratome section planes indicated by white dotted lines; boxed areas are shown as magnifications. For whole-mount and vibratome sections the embryonic stages are printed black, for paraffin section stages are printed blue.
Reprinted with permission from Elsevier from doi:10.1016/j.gep.2008.12.009 Gene Expr Patterns 9: 215-23, Witte F ; Dokas J ; Neuendorf F ; Mundlos S ; Stricker S, Comprehensive expression analysis of all Wnt genes and their major secreted antagonists during mouse limb development and cartilage differentiation. Copyright 2009
Label Assay & Result Details (Gene Symbol) Spatial Mapping
Wnt1 E10.5 MGI:4397457 (Wnt1)
Wnt1 E11.5 MGI:4397457 (Wnt1)
Wnt1 E12.5 MGI:4397457 (Wnt1)
Wnt1 E13.5 MGI:4397457 (Wnt1)
Wnt1 E13.5 section MGI:4397457 (Wnt1)
Wnt1 E15.5 MGI:4397457 (Wnt1)
Wnt2 E10.5 MGI:4397481 (Wnt2)
Wnt2 E11.5 MGI:4397481 (Wnt2)
Wnt2 E12.5 MGI:4397481 (Wnt2)
Wnt2 E13.5 paraffin MGI:4397481 (Wnt2)
Wnt2 E13.5 vibratome MGI:4397481 (Wnt2)
Wnt2 E13.5 wm MGI:4397481 (Wnt2)
Wnt2 E15.5 MGI:4397481 (Wnt2)
Wnt2 E9.5 MGI:4397481 (Wnt2)
Wnt2b E10.5 MGI:4397568 (Wnt2b)
Wnt2b E11.5 MGI:4397568 (Wnt2b)
Wnt2b E12.5 MGI:4397568 (Wnt2b)
Wnt2b E13.5 paraffin MGI:4397568 (Wnt2b)
Wnt2b E13.5 vibratome MGI:4397568 (Wnt2b)
Wnt2b E13.5 wm MGI:4397568 (Wnt2b)
Wnt2b E15.5 MGI:4397568 (Wnt2b)
Wnt2b E9.5 MGI:4397568 (Wnt2b)
Wnt3 E10.5 MGI:4368095 (Wnt3)
Wnt3 E11.5 MGI:4368095 (Wnt3)
Wnt3 E12.5 MGI:4368095 (Wnt3)
Wnt3 E13.5 paraffin MGI:4368095 (Wnt3)
Wnt3 E13.5 vibratome MGI:4368095 (Wnt3)
Wnt3 E13.5 wm MGI:4368095 (Wnt3)
Wnt3 E15.5 MGI:4368095 (Wnt3)
Wnt3 E9.5 MGI:4368095 (Wnt3)
Wnt3a E10.5 MGI:4397475 (Wnt3a)
Wnt3a E11.5 MGI:4397475 (Wnt3a)
Wnt3a E12.5 MGI:4397475 (Wnt3a)
Wnt3a E13.5 paraffin MGI:4397475 (Wnt3a)
Wnt3a E13.5 wm MGI:4397475 (Wnt3a)
Wnt3a E15.5 MGI:4397475 (Wnt3a)
Wnt3a E9.5 MGI:4397475 (Wnt3a)
Wnt4 E10.5 MGI:4367899 (Wnt4)
Wnt4 E10.5 vibratome MGI:4367899 (Wnt4)
Wnt4 E11.5 MGI:4367899 (Wnt4)
Wnt4 E11.5 vibratome MGI:4367899 (Wnt4)
Wnt4 E12.5 MGI:4367899 (Wnt4)
Wnt4 E13.5 MGI:4367899 (Wnt4)
Wnt4 E13.5 paraffin MGI:4367899 (Wnt4)
Wnt4 E13.5 vibratome MGI:4367899 (Wnt4)
Wnt4 E15.5 MGI:4367899 (Wnt4)
Wnt4 E9.5 MGI:4367899 (Wnt4)
Wnt4 E9.5 vibratome MGI:4367899 (Wnt4)

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