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Gene Expression Image Detail
J:127119 Visel A, et al., PLoS Genet. 2007 Oct 19;3(10):1867-83
This image is from Visel A, PLoS Genet 2007 Oct 19;3(10):1867-83, an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.
Label Assay & Result Details (Gene Symbol) Spatial Mapping
2210010N04Rik MGI:3767220 (Tecpr1)
2900042E01Rik MGI:3766993 (Hepacam)
6330404F12Rik MGI:3766995 (Gad2)
9130024F11Rik MGI:3767026 (9130024F11Rik)
Adcy8 MGI:3767236 (Adcy8)
Arhgap5 MGI:3766918 (Arhgap5)
Arx MGI:3767054 (Arx)
Avp MGI:3766595 (Avp)
Bcan MGI:3767051 (Bcan)
Bdnf MGI:3767235 (Bdnf)
Calb1 MGI:3767224 (Calb1)
Calb2 MGI:3767153 (Calb2)
Cck MGI:3767186 (Cck)
Cdh13 MGI:3767207 (Cdh13)
Cdh8 MGI:3767154 (Cdh8)
Cer1 MGI:3766728 (Cer1)
Chrna4 MGI:3767168 (Chrna4)
Chrnb4 MGI:3767087 (Chrnb4)
Cntf MGI:3766602 (Cntf)
D930015E06Rik MGI:3767196 (Tmem131l)
Dtx1 MGI:3767156 (Dtx1)
Efnb3 MGI:3767219 (Efnb3)
Eomes MGI:3766717 (Eomes)
Fgf14 MGI:3767004 (Fgf14)
Fgf15 MGI:3767086 (Fgf15)
Fzd2 MGI:3766944 (Fzd2)
Fzd8 MGI:3766652 (Fzd8)
Gabrb1 MGI:3766999 (Gabrb1)
Gabrb2 MGI:3767233 (Gabrb2)
Gad2 MGI:3767089 (Gad2)
Gm623 MGI:3766823 (Samd3)
Gria1 MGI:3767053 (Gria1)
Grin1 MGI:3767029 (Grin1)
Grm1 MGI:3766821 (Grm1)
Grm3 MGI:3767197 (Grm3)
Igfbpl1 MGI:3767169 (Igfbpl1)
Kcnj6 MGI:3767025 (Kcnj6)
Lhx1 MGI:3767170 (Lhx1)
Lhx2 MGI:3767093 (Lhx2)
Lhx5 MGI:3767217 (Lhx5)
Lhx9 MGI:3767201 (Lhx9)
Lrp5 MGI:3766957 (Lrp5)
Neurod1 MGI:3767187 (Neurod1)
Neurod4 MGI:3766592 (Neurod4)
Neurod6 MGI:3767194 (Neurod6)
Neurog1 MGI:3766578 (Neurog1)
Neurog2 MGI:3767193 (Neurog2)
Nr2e1 MGI:3766587 (Nr2e1)
Odz2 MGI:3767094 (Tenm2)
Optn MGI:3766893 (Optn)
Otx1 MGI:3767228 (Otx1)
Otx3 MGI:3766446 (Dmbx1)
Park2 MGI:3766994 (Park2)
Pax6 MGI:3767157 (Pax6)
Pax7 MGI:3767230 (Pax7)
Pde1b MGI:3767158 (Pde1b)
Pde1c MGI:3767065 (Pde1c)
Plxnc1 MGI:3766978 (Plxnc1)
Pnck MGI:3767027 (Pnck)
Pou3f4 MGI:3766577 (Pou3f4)
Ptprt MGI:3767223 (Ptprt)
Rasgrf1 MGI:3767028 (Rasgrf1)
Rax MGI:3766590 (Rax)
Rora MGI:3766609 (Rora)
Rorb MGI:3767056 (Rorb)
Sla MGI:3766829 (Sla)
Slc6a1 MGI:3767055 (Slc6a1)
Sst MGI:3767151 (Sst)
Syt6 MGI:3767183 (Syt6)
Tac1 MGI:3767195 (Tac1)
Tcf7l2 MGI:3767231 (Tcf7l2)
Tmem2 MGI:3767150 (Tmem2)
Trim9 MGI:3767167 (Trim9)
Ttyh1 MGI:3767199 (Ttyh1)
Wnt1 MGI:3766453 (Wnt1)
Wnt2b MGI:3766498 (Wnt2b)
Wnt3 MGI:3766497 (Wnt3)
Wnt3a MGI:3766502 (Wnt3a)
Wnt7a MGI:3766899 (Wnt7a)
Wnt7b MGI:3766910 (Wnt7b)
Zbtb20 MGI:3767198 (Zbtb20)
Zfp423 MGI:3767225 (Zfp423)

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