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Gene Expression Image Detail
J:102143 Yoshikawa T, et al., Gene Expr Patterns. 2006 Jan;6(2):213-24
Caption Each image is accompanied with a gene symbol (lower left) and a DNA clone name (upper right) used as a probe.
Reprinted with permission from Elsevier from doi:10.1016/j.modgep.2005.06.003 Gene Expr Patterns 6: 213-24, Yoshikawa T; Piao Y; Zhong J; Matoba R; Carter MG; Wang Y; Goldberg I; Ko MS, High-throughput screen for genes predominantly expressed in the ICM of mouse blastocysts by whole mount in situ hybridization. Copyright 2006
Label Assay & Result Details (Gene Symbol) Spatial Mapping
B 2410081M15Rik MGI:3624708 (Zbtb8a)
B 2610014H22Rik MGI:3607306 (Kmt2b)
B 2810405KD7Rik MGI:3607307 (Zfp661)
B Actb MGI:3607305 (Actb)
B Ankrd10 MGI:3607308 (Ankrd10)
B Arid3b MGI:3607309 (Arid3b)
B Ash2l MGI:3607310 (Ash2l)
B Bat4 MGI:3607311 (Gpank1)
B Bnc2 MGI:3607312 (Bnc2)
B Cbfa2t1h (3'-ext) MGI:3607313 (Runx1t1)
B Dek MGI:3607314 (Dek)
B Elf3 MGI:3607315 (Elf3)
B Fem1a MGI:3607316 (Fem1a)
B Gata1 MGI:3607317 (Gata1)
B Hcfc1 MGI:3607318 (Hcfc1)
B Ilf2 MGI:3607319 (Ilf2)
B Jub MGI:3624711 (Ajuba)
B Krt2-8 MGI:3607397 (Krt8)
B Lmyc1 MGI:3607321 (Mycl)
B Mga MGI:3607322 (Mga)
B Miz1 MGI:3607323 (Pias2)
B Mrpl49 MGI:3607324 (Mrpl49)
B Mtf2 MGI:3607325 (Mtf2)
B Myst2 MGI:3607326 (Kat7)
B Nr5a2 MGI:3607327 (Nr5a2)
B Nr6a1 MGI:3607328 (Nr6a1)
B Nufip1 MGI:3607329 (Nufip1)
B Pfdn1 MGI:3607330 (Pfdn1)
B Rest MGI:3607331 (Rest)
B Rfx2 MGI:3607332 (Rfx2)
B Slc4a10 MGI:3607333 (Slc4a10)
B Sp1 MGI:3607334 (Sp1)
B Tcerg1 MGI:3607335 (Tcerg1)
B Tfam MGI:3607336 (Tfam)
B Ube2d3 MGI:3607338 (Ube2d3)
B Usp39 MGI:3607337 (Usp39)
B Zfp105 MGI:3607339 (Zfp105)
B Zfp219 MGI:3607340 (Zfp219)
B Zfp239 MGI:3607341 (Zfp239)
B Zfp278 MGI:3607342 (Patz1)
B Zfp296 MGI:3607343 (Zfp296)
B Zfp445 MGI:3607344 (Zfp445)
B Zfp553 MGI:3624712 (Zfp553)

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