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Gene Expression Image Detail
J:86704 Maynard TM, et al., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003 Nov 25;100(24):14433-8
Caption b: RT-PCR. Expression is presented in chromosomal order, centromeric (top) to telomeric (bottom). Brackets and arrows represent genes that share bidirectional promoters. LCR bracket indicates genes found in human LCRs (not on chromosome 16 in mouse). c-h: whole mount immunolocalization. i-n: whole mount in situ hybridization.
This image is from Maynard TM, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2003 Nov 25;100(24):14433-8. Copyright 2003 National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A.
Label Assay & Result Details (Gene Symbol) Spatial Mapping
b DGCR6 MGI:3028139 (Dgcr6)
c MGI:5588034 (Septin5)
d MGI:5588016 (Comt)
e MGI:5588024 (Hira)
f MGI:5588030 (Ranbp1)
g MGI:5588037 (Ufd1)
i MGI:3028324 (Arvcf) EMAGE:4364
j MGI:3028325 (Dgcr8) EMAGE:4371
k MGI:3028326 (E2f6) EMAGE:4368
l MGI:3028327 (Trmt2a) EMAGE:4360
m MGI:3028328 (Gnb1l) EMAGE:4367
n MGI:3028329 (Zdhhc8) EMAGE:4366
b ProDH2 MGI:3028140 (Prodh)
b DGCR2 MGI:3028141 (Dgcr2)
b Stk22a MGI:3028142 (Tssk1)
b Stk22b MGI:3028143 (Tssk2)
b DGCR1 MGI:3028144 (Ess2)
b GSCL MGI:3028145 (Gsc2)
b CTP MGI:3028146 (Slc25a1)
b Hira MGI:3028147 (Hira)
b NLVCF MGI:3028148 (Mrpl40)
b Ufd1L MGI:3028149 (Ufd1)
b CDC45L MGI:3028150 (Cdc45)
b TMVCF MGI:3028151 (Cldn5)
b CDCrel-1 MGI:3028152 (Septin5)
b GpiBbeta MGI:3028153 (Gp1bb)
b Tbx1 MGI:3028154 (Tbx1)
b WDVCF MGI:3028155 (Gnb1l)
b ThioR2 MGI:3028156 (Txnrd2)
b COMT MGI:3028157 (Comt)
b COMT-MB MGI:3028158 (Comt)
b ARVCF MGI:3028159 (Arvcf)
b T10 MGI:3028160 (Tango2)
b DGCR8 MGI:3028161 (Dgcr8)
b Htf9c MGI:3028162 (Trmt2a)
b RanBP1 MGI:3028163 (Ranbp1)
b zDHHC8 MGI:3028164 (Zdhhc8)
b NoGoR MGI:3028165 (Rtn4r)
b BCR MGI:3028166 (Bcr)
b E2F6 MGI:3028167 (E2f6)
b GGT MGI:3028168 (Ggt1)
b CRKL MGI:3028169 (Crkl)
b PCQAP MGI:3028170 (Med15)
b Pax7 MGI:3028171 (Pax7)
b Lhx7 MGI:3028172 (Lhx8)
b Tbx5 MGI:3028173 (Tbx5)
b Hoxa13 MGI:3028174 (Hoxa13)

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