MGI Gene Ontology Term Finder

This GO Term Finder tool searches for significant shared GO terms, or parents of the GO terms, used to describe the genes in your list to help you discover what the genes may have in common.

Step 1: Enter gene names*:
Input the gene names in the text box, as MGI:accID or gene symbol (with carriage returns)
Select a file of gene names, as MGI:accID or gene symbol (with carriage returns).

Step 2: Choose Ontology:

Step 3: Indicate whether to exclude evidence code IEA (Inferred from Electronic Annotation):
Include IEAs
Exclude IEAs

Step 4:

Based on TermFinder (0.8) implementation of Gavin Sherlock, Stanford Microarray Database.
View Readme for a description of GO Term Finder.
*Note: Server timeout likely for more than 2400 genes. Downloadable version will be available soon.