How do I find expression data for a list of genes?

You can use the Gene Expression Data Search Form to find detailed expression data of greatest interest to you using a variety of query parameters.
Accessing the Gene Expression Data Search Form
On most MGI pages, you can access the Gene Expression Data Search Form from the Search menu as shown in the image at right.

For this tutorial, open the Gene Expression Data Search Form in a new window. Scroll down this page for further instructions.

Search Menu GXD QF Screen Shot

Example 1. Finding expression assays for a list of genes using batch search function
  1. Use the Batch Search query form.
  2. In the box for ID/Symbols List, type in shh, bmp7, slit1, slit2, slit3, robo2 in the text box. This will return a list of expression assays done in mice of those genes. In this example, use the default Search all input types.

    Alternatively, click the Browse button to upload file with list of IDs of gene symbols.

  3. Click Search.
GXD gene list 1
  1. The results summary lists expression assays that have been done on mice of those genes. The specific mutant allele, if any, used in obtaining each result will be listed in the Mutant Allele(s) column. To refine or change search parameters, click the Click to modify search button at the top of the page.
  2. Use the tabs along the top of the table to navigate to a list of unique genes with expression results, assays, images, tissue x stage matrix, or tissue x gene matrix (box) .
  3. Sort the table by clicking on column headers, apply filters and/or download as a text or Excel file using the buttons just above the table (arrow).
  4. Click on any data link in the Result Details column to view more pattern and level of gene expression, images, and details of the specific assay, including mouse specimen details and antibodies or probes used.
GXD Search Results 1