Genome Annotation Images
About This Image

This example image includes gene models from MGI, NCBI, Ensembl, and VEGA, and RefSeqs for the gene Fgfr3. View the full gene models in Mouse Genome Browser.

Gene track image for Fgfr3

  1. Use the Select Tracks tab near the top of the page to customize the information which is viewable in the browser. Available tracks include mutant alleles, gene traps, annotated phenotypes and more. You can also upload custom tracks using the adjacent Custom Tracks tab.
  1. Use the drop-down menu under File to save images from the browser or download FASTA sequences.
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Genome Annotation Images in MGI

Using MGI's sequence annotation display tool (Mouse Genome Browser) you can generate a graphical display of genome annotations for user-defined regions of the mouse genome. Genome features include: transcripts, alleles, phenotypes, QTL, and SNPs. Here are two ways to view gene models in MGI.
  • Using Mouse Genome Browser
    Enter the landmark (e.g., gene) or genome region (e.g., chromosome and coordinates) of interest and select all transcript tracks to display gene models. For detailed instructions see the following:

    How do I create a genome map from a genomic interval? FAQ

  • Using the link on gene detail pages
    The gene models of a gene can be displayed using Mouse Genome Browser via a link in the Sequence Map section of a gene's detail page.