How do I retrieve Entrez, Ensembl, VEGA, or other IDs for a list of genes?
Using the MGI Batch Query, you can enter a list or upload a file of official MGI gene/marker symbols, or gene, transcript, or sequence IDs from MGI, Ensembl, Entrez, Uniprot or other sources. You can choose to return gene symbols and names, genomic location, Gene Ontology or Mammalian Phenotype terms, MGI allele IDs, or IDs from other sources.
Accessing the MGI Batch Query
On most MGI pages, you can access the MGI Batch Query from the Search menu as shown in the image at right.

For this tutorial, open the Batch Query in a new window. Scroll down this page for further instructions.

Search Menu Batch Query Screen Shot

Example 1. Finding Ensembl ID numbers for gene symbols Pax6 and Pax3
  1. Type these two gene symbols into the text box:


  2. Select Current Symbols Only for Type.

  3. Check the box next to Ensembl ID in the Output section.

  4. Click Search.
Batch Query Screen Shot
  1. Click on a gene symbol to retrieve the corresponding Gene Detail page.
Batch Query Search Results