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Human Disease and Mouse Model Detail
Human Disease Breast Cancer
OMIM ID: 114480
Synonyms Breast Cancer
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Genes and
mouse models
Mutations in human and/or mouse homologs are associated with this disease

      *Disease is associated/modeled with this Gene or a homolog. More...
      Mouse Homologs Human Homologs Mouse Models Mouse : Human
Homology Class
     Bard1* BARD1* View 3 models 1:1 Homology
Brca1* BRCA1* View 11 models 1:1 Homology
Brca2* BRCA2* View 6 models 1:1 Homology
Pik3ca* PIK3CA* View 4 models 1:1 Homology
Trp53* TP53* View 11 models 1:1 Homology
     Apc* APC View 2 models 1:1 Homology
Aurka* AURKA View 2 models 1:1 Homology
Cav1* CAV1 View 1 model 1:1 Homology
Erbb2* ERBB2 View 14 models 1:1 Homology
Hgf* HGF View 2 models 1:1 Homology
Met* MET View 1 model 1:1 Homology
Myc* MYC View 7 models 1:1 Homology
Tgfb2* TGFB2 View 1 model 1:1 Homology
Wnt1* WNT1 View 2 models 1:1 Homology
     Akt1 AKT1*   1:1 Homology
Atm ATM*   1:1 Homology
Brip1 BRIP1*   1:1 Homology
Casp8 CASP8*   1:1 Homology
Cdh1 CDH1*   1:1 Homology
Chek2 CHEK2*   1:1 Homology
Esr1 ESR1* View 1 model 1:1 Homology
Hmmr HMMR*   1:1 Homology
Kras KRAS* View 1 model 1:1 Homology
Nqo2 NQO2*   1:1 Homology
Palb2 PALB2*   1:1 Homology
Phb PHB*   1:1 Homology
Ppm1d PPM1D*   1:1 Homology
Rad51 RAD51*   1:1 Homology
Rad54l RAD54L*   1:1 Homology
Rb1cc1 RB1CC1*   1:1 Homology
Slc22a18 SLC22A18*   1:1 Homology
Tsg101 TSG101*   1:1 Homology
Xrcc3 XRCC3*   1:1 Homology
Transgenes and
other genome features
Transgenes and other genome features developed in mice to model this disease.

     Transgenes and Other Genome Features Mouse Models
  T(9;17)138Ca View 1 model
  Tg(C3-1-TAg)cJeg View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-AURKA)#Cxd View 2 models
  Tg(MMTV-ERBB2)5Erick View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-Erbb2)9Pjo View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-Erbb2)10Pjo View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-Erbb2)12Pjo View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-Erbb2)17Pjo View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-Erbb2)NK1Mul View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-Erbb2*,-cre)1Mul View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-ERBB2*,-luc)6157Aami View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-Myc)WT13Jrn View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-Myc)WT21Jrn View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-Myc*T58A)TA14Jrn View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-Myc*T58A)TA39Jrn View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-Myc*T58A)TA41Jrn View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-neu/OT-I/OT-II)CBnel View 2 models
  Tg(MMTV-PyVT)634Mul View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-PyVT*Y250F)250-2Mul View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-PyVT*Y315F*Y322F)Db-1Mul View 1 model
  Tg(MMTV-TGFBR2)7Hlm View 1 model
  Tg(MMTVneu)202Mul View 4 models
  Tg(Trp53R172H)8512Jmr View 2 models
  Tg(Wap-Hgf)402Mig View 2 models
  Tg(Wap-TAg)1Depp View 1 model
  Tg(Wap-TAg)NP8Depp View 1 model
  Tg(Wnt1)1Hev View 2 models
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