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Human Disease and Mouse Model Detail
Human Disease Alzheimer Disease; AD
OMIM ID: 104300
Synonyms Alzheimer Disease
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Genes and
mouse models
Mutations in human and/or mouse homologs are associated with this disease

      *Disease is associated/modeled with this Gene or a homolog. More...
      Mouse Homologs Human Homologs Mouse Models Mouse : Human
Homology Class
     App* APP* View 95 models 1:1 Homology
Plau* PLAU* View 1 model 1:1 Homology
     Cav1* CAV1 View 1 model 1:1 Homology
Lrp1* LRP1 View 2 models 1:1 Homology
Mapt* MAPT View 27 models 1:1 Homology
Mme* MME View 1 model 1:1 Homology
Pin1* PIN1 View 2 models 1:1 Homology
Plcb1* PLCB1 View 1 model 1:1 Homology
Psen1* PSEN1 View 43 models 1:1 Homology
Psen2* PSEN2 View 4 models 1:1 Homology
Trib2* TRIB2 View 2 models 1:1 Homology
     A2m A2M*   1:1 Homology
Ace ACE*   1:1 Homology
Apbb2 APBB2*   1:1 Homology
Blmh BLMH*   1:1 Homology
Hfe HFE*   1:1 Homology
Mpo MPO*   1:1 Homology
Nos3 NOS3*   1:1 Homology
PAXIP1*   0:1 Homology
Sorl1 SORL1* View 1 model 1:1 Homology
Transgenes and
other genome features
Transgenes and other genome features developed in mice to model this disease.

     Transgenes and Other Genome Features Mouse Models
  Igk-V View 3 models
  Tg(ACTB-APP*V717F)1Colm View 1 model
  Tg(APP695)3Dbo View 8 models
  Tg(APP)8.9Btla View 1 model
  Tg(APPSw)40Btla View 2 models
  Tg(APPSWE)2576Kha View 12 models
  Tg(APPswe,PSEN1dE9)85Dbo View 4 models
  Tg(APPSwFlLon,PSEN1*M146L*L286V)6799Vas View 6 models
  Tg(APPSwLon)96Btla View 1 model
  Tg(APPV717F)109Ili View 8 models
  Tg(Camk2a-App*,-Apbb1)25Spim View 1 model
  Tg(CMV-IgkvaD11)BCat View 2 models
  Tg(DMD-APP*)7Neve View 1 model
  Tg(DMD-APP*)18Neve View 1 model
  Tg(Eno2-APP*Ind)#Kakiz View 1 model
  Tg(Eno2-PSEN2)2348Ykk View 1 model
  Tg(Eno2-PSEN2*)1480Ykk View 1 model
  Tg(MAPT)8cPdav View 3 models
  Tg(Mapt-MAPT*)#Hanr View 1 model
  Tg(NEFL-APP)#Nalb View 1 model
  Tg(PDGFB-APPInd)F17Plhn View 1 model
  Tg(PDGFB-APPSwDutLon)46Lpr View 2 models
  Tg(PDGFB-APPSwInd)20Lms View 2 models
  Tg(PDGFB-APPSwInd)J9Lms View 1 model
  Tg(PDGFB-MAPT*V337M)1Atak View 1 model
  Tg(Prnp-APP*)1Hmor View 1 model
  Tg(Prnp-App/APPswe)E1-2Dbo View 1 model
  Tg(PRNP-APPSweInd)8Dwst View 3 models
  Tg(PRNP-APPSweInd)19959Dwst View 1 model
  Tg(Prnp-ITM2B/APP695*40)1Emcg View 1 model
  Tg(Prnp-ITM2B/APP695*42)A12Emcg View 1 model
  Tg(Prnp-MAPT)7Vle View 1 model
  Tg(Prnp-MAPT)43Vle View 1 model
  Tg(Prnp-MAPT*P301L)JNPL3Hlmc View 2 models
  Tg(Prnp-MAPT*P301S)PS19Vle View 3 models
  Tg(PSEN1dE9)S9Dbo View 4 models
  Tg(PSEN1H163R)G9Btla View 1 model
  Tg(tetO-APPSwInd)102Dbo View 2 models
  Tg(Thy1-APP)3Somm View 2 models
  Tg(Thy1-APPSL)28Lpr View 4 models
  Tg(Thy1-APPArc)M8Cagr View 2 models
  Tg(Thy1-APPLon)2Vln View 4 models
  Tg(Thy1-APPSw)10Jiri View 1 model
  Tg(Thy1-APPSw,Thy1-PSEN1*L166P)21Jckr View 2 models
  Tg(Thy1-APPSwDutIowa)BWevn View 2 models
  Tg(Thy1-APPSweAut)A7Tiwa View 1 model
  Tg(Thy1-APPSweLon)41Ema View 1 model
  Tg(Thy1-MAPT)1Vln View 2 models
  Tg(Thy1-MAPT)2Vln View 2 models
  Tg(Thy1-MAPT)22Schd View 2 models
  Tg(Thy1-MAPT*P301L)2Vln View 1 model
  Tg(Thy1-PSEN1*M146V,-APP*Swe)10Arte View 1 model
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