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involves: 129S1/Sv * C57BL/6 * FVB/N * SJL
phenotype observed in females
phenotype observed in males
N normal phenotype
• mutants occasionally show pulmonary metastasis
• tumors are adenocarcinomas with cribiform, cystic and focal papillary growth patterns
• 50% of males develop tumors by 5.5 months and all males develop tumors within 10 months
• 50% of females develop tumors by 3.5 months of age and all females have tumors within 5 months of age
• 6 of 22 tumors in males are bilateral or unilateral muzzle tumors of epithelial origin
• 7 or 11 tumors show loss of Pten heterozygosity
• most mutants (38 of 49) develop only one palpable tumor
• 14 of 22 tumors in males arise in the salivary tissue
• 50% of females develop mammary ductal carcinoma by 3.5 months of age, earlier than single Tg(Wnt1)1Hev hemizygotes, and all females show tumors by 5 months of age
• 2 of 22 tumors in males are mammary in origin

Mouse Models of Human Disease
Breast Cancer 114480 J:67497