Mouse Genome Informatics
involves: FVB/N
phenotype observed in females
phenotype observed in males
N normal phenotype
nervous system
• nuclear translocation of the N-terminal portion of HD is observed in striatal neurons of 12 month old mice with an immunoreactive antibody (EM48)
• selective degeneration is observed in the striatum at 12 months of age
• neurons are shrunken and hyperchromatic
• hippocampal slices from 6 month old mice display a hyperexcitability exhibited as a broad EPSP at the distal dendrites
• fast synaptic response in these mice has a prominent NMDA component
• following tetanization most slices from 6 month old mice exhibit a greater short-term potentiation when compared to controls
• by 10 months of age, LTP is not induced in CA1 neurons; high frequency stimulation induces depression instead of potentiation

• progressive hyperactivity is observed in the dark phase of open field testing beginning at 7 months of age
• circling was observed in one mouse at 8.5 months of age

Mouse Models of Human Disease
Huntington Disease; HD 143100 J:55405