Mouse Genome Informatics
involves: C57BL/6 * CD-1 * DBA/2
phenotype observed in females WTSI Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
phenotype observed in males EuPh Europhenome
N normal phenotype
endocrine/exocrine glands

• mice show hyperglycemia by one week of age with blood glucose above 400 mg/dl
• serum insulin level (0.69 ng/dl) is decreased compared to controls (3.68 ng/dl)
• urine in most mice tests positive for ketones
• nitrite levels in medium, indicative of NO release, increase in a time-dependent manner, almost equivalent to the level in medium of Il-1beta stimulated control islets
• treatment with aminoguanidine (inhibitor of Nos2) prevents elevation of blood glucose levels and reduction in pancreatic insulin contents; reduction in insulin producing cell mass is reduced or improved with treatment
• urine glucose levels are 200-500 mg/dl by 1 week of age

renal/urinary system
• urine glucose levels are 200-500 mg/dl by 1 week of age

Mouse Models of Human Disease
Diabetes Mellitus, Insulin-Dependent; IDDM 222100 J:45520