Mouse Genome Informatics
involves: C57BL/6 * SJL
phenotype observed in females WTSI Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
phenotype observed in males EuPh Europhenome
N normal phenotype
cardiovascular system
• unlike human patients with familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, mice fail to exhibit cardiac hypertrophy (J:146091)
• at 17 months of age
• skinned muscle fibers exhibit increased delta pCa50 values of ATPase and force-pCa relationship compared to in wild-type fibers
• maximal ATPase in skinned muscle fibers is reduced 22% compared to in wild-type cells
• maximal force in skinned muscle fibers is reduced 32% compared to in wild-type cells
• papillary muscle fibers exhibit slower myosin cross-bridge dissociation and normalized force compared to wild-type mice

Mouse Models of Human Disease
Cardiomyopathy, Familial Hypertrophic, 10; CMH10 608758 J:146091